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1. Publishes a scientific journal, Potato Journal to promote exchange of scientific information amongst the members.
2. Publishes books on potato for dissemination of new information and technology.
3. Organizes both national and international conferences, seminars/symposia, panel discussion, Farmers’ Melas etc. from time to time.
4. Confer awards and honours on eminent potato workers, growers, etc.

  Important Seminars/Symposia Organized By The Association  
1. International Seminar on “Approaches towards increasing the Potato Production in Developing                  Countries”at Central Potato Research Station, Jalandhar (Punjab), November 20-23, 1978.
2. Panel discussion on “Problems of potato cultivation in India” at Central Potato Research Institute,                Shimla,June 13, 1986.
3. National Seminar on “Current facets in potato research” at Central Potato Research Institute (Campus),     December13-15, 1989.
4. National Symposium on “Strategies for potato production, marketing, storage, processing” at Indian          Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, December 21-23, 1990.
5. National Symposium on “Potato–Present and Future” at Central Potato Research Institute (Campus)            Modipuram, March 1-3, 1993.
6. Group Discussion on “Potato based cropping systems” at Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla,             during on 30 July, 1994.
7. National Seminar on “Potato production constraints in low productivity areas” at Orissa University of          Agriculture & Technology, Bhubaneshwar on September 6, 1997.
8. Global Conference on Potato, New Delhi, December 6-11, 1999.
9. National Symposium on “Sustainability of Potato Revolution in India” at Central Potato Research                  Institute,Shimla, on July 31, 2001.
10. Symposium on “Potato Research Towards National Food and Nutritional Security and Dr. S.                         Ramanujam Birth Centenary Celebrations” at Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla, October 2-3,            2003.
11. “ICAR-IPA National Conference on IPR and Management of Agricultural Research” at NASC                        Auditorium, Pusa, New Delhi, August 27-29, 2005.
12. Symposium on “Current perspectives in Potato Research” at College of Agriculture, MPUAT, Udaipur,           on September 11, 2005.
13. National Symposium on “A Step towards Brown Revolution with Potato” at Central Potato Research,           Station, Muthorai, Udhagamandalam, on January 19, 2007.
14. “Global Potato Conference” at New Delhi during 9-12 December 2008.
15. Seminar on “Potato in North East” at CPRS, Shillong during 8-9 May 2009.
16. National consultation on “Production of Disease Free Quality Planting Material Propagated through            Tubers and Rhizomes” at CPRIC, Modipuram during 4-5 March 2011.
17. National Conference on “Genomics for Sustainable Food and Nutritional Security” at CPRI, Shimla on        26th November 2011.
18. National Consultation on “Potato Research and Development: Way Forward” at Orissa University of              Agriculture and Technology, Bhubaneswar on 26th September 2012.
19. Workshop on “Problems and Prospects of Seed Potato Production system in India” at CPRS, Patna on       20th September 2013.
20. National Seminar on “Emerging Problems of Potato” at CPRI, Shimla on 1-2 November 2014.
21. National Level Agriculture Fair “Eastern Zone Regional Agriculture Fair” at CPRS, Patna on 19-21                   February 2015.