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The Association has instituted several awards to promote excellence in the field of potato research and development in the country. They are:
1. IPA Best Paper Award (for the papers published in Potato Journal).
2. Best Poster Award
3. Ramanujam Memorial Lecture Award
4. IPA-Kaushalya Sikka memorial Award
5. IPA-Chandra Prabha Singh Young Scientist Award
6. Potato Grower of the Year Award

  IPA Best Paper Award  
Normally only full papers published in a particular volume of an year in Potato Journal, are considered for the award. The paper may be on applied or basic aspects or dealing with development of new techniques or concepts. If the papers are published in a series, each paper is to be considered on its own merit.

Following criteria is followed for Judging the best paper:
(a) Originality, reliability and objective of the research findings.
(b) Significance of the findings.
(c) Methodology used.
(d) Presentation of the paper.

The award is given every year and only one paper is considered for the award. The award consists of a certificate and a ‘Gold Plated Medal’. In case of joint papers, every author is awarded with a certificate and a medal. The award is effective from 1994.

  Ramanujam Memorial Lecture Award  
The lecture is awarded once in two years to a distinguished potato research worker on the basis of lifetime contributions to potato research and development. The Executive Committee of IPA nominates the person for lecture award. The recipient of the award has to deliver the lecture either in the Annual Meeting/Seminar or Symposia or at any other suitable function. The award carries a citation, a plaque and an amount of Rs. 2500/- (to meet expenses on T.A. & D.A.). The award is funded by IPA.

  IPA-Kaushalya Sikka Memorial Award  
The IPA-Kaushalya Sikka Memorial Award is given once in four years, starting from 2005, for outstanding contribution to potato. The award consists of a sum of Rs 20,000 in cash and a citation. The application can be made for individual or team work. For team award, there can be a maximum of eight members including the team leader. The team leader gets 50% of the total prize money and the rest 50% is shared equally by the remaining team workers. Each team member receives a separate citation.

The evaluation criteria are as follows:
• Conceptual clarity and originality of the work conducted over the last 5 years, preceding the year of award.
• Quality of methodology adopted and innovative approaches used to carry out the research.
• Major results, their scientific, technological and socio-economic relevance.
• Quality of publications arising from the research work.

  IPA-Chandra Prabha Singh Young Scientist Award  
The IPA-Chandra Prabha Singh Young Scientist Award is given once in two years, starting from 2011-2012 to advance excellence in the field of potato research. The award consists of a sum of Rs 10,000 in cash and a citation.

The evaluation criteria are as follows:
• At least five year research experience in potato. It should be supported by the published work in reputed        journals.
• Age should not be more than 40 years as on 1st January of the year for which the applications are invited     for the award.

  Potato Grower Of The Year Award  
It is awarded annually zone wise on a rotational basis. The zone thus may have to be selected by the executive council for this award every year. Three awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd) are given each year. The awardees are given a certificate and one bag (of 80 kg) of a high quality seed potato. Applications are invited through the respective Vice-Presidents of IPA, as well as through the announcement in the IPA Newsletter/Potato Journal. The committee comprising the selected Regional Vice-President and the councillors call applications from member farmers, visit the farms and decide the awardees. A minimum of 10 entries are required failing which the contest for award will be declared null and void. This award is funded by IPA and is effective from 1996-1997. A registration fee of Rs. 100/- is charged from the contesting growers.