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   Dr. SP Trehan   
  (B. )   

Dr SP Trehan is a life member of Indian Potato association for the last more than 30 years and served the Association as editor and business editor, councilor and vice-president. He made significant contribution to potato research and development. He has one variety ‘Kufri Gaurav’ to his credit which is suitable for organic farming, maintaining productivity under fertilizer and water stress and for poor and marginal farmers. He received several awards including IPI, Switzerland and PPI, Canada (Team Award). He has International exposure to UK, Germany, Switzerland and USA as doctorate and post doctorate fellow, visiting scientist and paper presenter. He published 25 research papers in International foreign journals; 61 papers in national journals of repute, 12 Book chapters/articles; 6 Tech. Bulletins; 4 Rev. articles; and presented 24 papers in International & 27 in National Conferences