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   Dr. Banke Bihari Nagaich   
  (B. August 11, 1931)

Former Director, Central Potato Research institute, Shimla-171 001 (HP)
Email address: nagaichrajiv@hotmail.com

Dr. Nagaich, a plant virologist, had worked on several viruses on fruit trees, vegetables and cereals in Himachal Pradesh. He discovered a new aphid vector. Dr. Nagaich has made significant contribution in identifying and studying yellow mosaic diseases. He also discovered Purple Top Roll and Marginal Flavescence diseases of potato and evolved techniques of elimination of potato leaf roll virus from the tubers. In recognition of his contribution, Dr. Nagaich was conferred with Guinness Award (1979), Kheti Award (1980) and Prof. Narsimha Award (1984). Dr. Nagaich published about 170 scientific papers, 120 popular articles, bulletins etc. and has authored 6 books.