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   Dr. KC Sud   
  (B. May 30, 1946)   

Former Principal Scientist, Division of Crop Production,
Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla-171 001 (HP)
Email address: sudkc2006@yahoo.co.in ; Sudkc2006@gmail.com

Dr. Sud specializes in soil fertility and chemistry. He has developed rapid and economic methods for soil and plant tests which not only require less time but also economize on chemicals/acids, and have an edge over conventional methods regarding number of samples to be analyzed without any requirement of sophisticated instruments. He has been bestowed upon the PPIC-FAI (1993) award in 1993 for Management and balanced use of inputs in Achieving Maximum Yields and IPI-FAI award on the Effect of Potassium on Yield and quality of Crops. He has published more than 100 research papers, technical bulletins and book chapters.