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   Dr Bir Pal Singh  
  (B. July 1, 1953)

Joint Director, Central Potato Research Institute Campus
(CPRIC), Modipuram, Meerut-250 110 (UP)
E-mail address: bps_cpric@yahoo.co.in

A plant pathologist by profession, Dr Singh specializes in fungal pathology and has made significant contribution in the field of potato late blight caused by Phytophthora infestans. For the first time he demonstrated that P. infestans in India is able to reproduce sexually resulting in the formation of thick-walled oospores, which serves as primary source of potato late blight both in Indian hills and sub-tropical plains. He has also developed a computerized late blight forecasting system known as ‘JHULSACAST’ for North-western plains. His work has led to development of the late blight resistant cultivars Kufri Giriraj, Kufi Shailja and Kufri Himalini for hilly regions. As a pathologist, he has also contributed towards the selection and release of three varieties viz., Kufri Arun, Kufri Surya and Kufri Chipsona-3. He has more than 95 research papers, 5 bulletins and 7 books besides several other publications. Dr. Singh is a recipient of several awards which include Hari Om Ashram trust award (2002-2003) of ICAR, New Delhi and Prof. M.J. Narsimhan Medal by Indian Phytopathological Society (1991). He has served IPA in different positions.