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Existing Fellows of IPA are requested to nominate to a maximum of two members in a year for electing new Fellows.

  Criteria for electing a Fellow  
 1) The member to be nominated should have a standing of a minimum of 5 years in IPA.
2) He should not be below the age of 40 years and normally having a Ph.D. degree.
3) He should not be below the rank of Assoc. Prof./Sr. Scientist/Reader for 5 years.
4) He should have published a minimum of 20 research papers (excluding popular articles and abstracts)
     on potato.
5) Application will be called from the nominated members in the presented performa to be put up for an
     initial screening.
6) Total strength of Fellows will not exceed 10% of the total membership of IPA, at any point of time.
7) A total of two Fellows may be elected every year starting from 1995.
8) A Membership fee of Rs. 2000/- for Fellow will be charged from the candidate if he is elected Fellow of
     the association.
9) A committee comprising three following office bearers will screen the application and select the
    a) President
    b) Editor-in Chief
    c) Secretary
     The Fellows thus selected will be approved by the executive council.
10) If any of the office bearers is contesting, he/she should not be entitled to sit in the committee.