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Since its inception, the membership of the Association has grown many folds. At present, it has 1030 members of which 953 are Life members. Besides research workers, the list of members includes farmers, cold store owners, processors, and other industrialists etc.

1.  Advance the cause of potato research and development, culture and utilization in a systematic manner      and in all its aspect.
2.  Provide a common forum and opportunity for personal contact and fellowship among workers in       different fields embracing the potato.
3.  Hold periodical conferences, symposia, workshops, meetings, seminars, exhibitions and such other      gatherings as may be decided upon by the General Body or the Executive Council of the Association      from time to time.
4.  Making sustained efforts for recognition of the potato as an important food crop of high nutritive value      and to conduct publicity/publications and other campaigns through different media for this purpose.
5.  Publishing books, reports, summaries of papers and other forms of scientific and technical literature      including a newsletter for creating a general consciousness about the potato.
6.  Cooperate with other institutions and societies having similar objectives, and fields of activities.
7.  Receive grants, subsidies, donations, etc. to achieve the outlined objectives.
8.  Promote exchange of scientific and other information and develop other means of communication      between those engaged in the potato agriculture and the industry and manufacturers of the forms of      the potato.
9.  To foster regional and international co-operation/collaboration in attainment of the outlined objectives.
10. Organize such other activities that are consistent with and in furtherance of these objectives and        those, which are decided upon from.