IPA Awards

IPA-Kaushalaya Sikka Memorial Award
Block Year Title Team Leader Associated members
2000 to 2004 Development of Agro- technology for Maximizing Potatoes for Processing from West-Central Plains Dr. Parveen Kumar Dr. Satya Vir Singh, Dr. Suman Kumar Pandey and Dr. Dinesh Kumar
2004 to 2009 Biochemical factors regulating potato processing quality under sub-tropical climates Dr. Dinesh Kumar Dr. SK Pandey, Dr. R Ezekiel, SV Singh, Dr. RS Marwaha, Dr. BP Singh, Dr. Brajesh Singh and Dr. Parveen Kumar
2009 to 2013 Development of diagnostic tools for virus detection in potato for augmenting healthy seed production Dr. A. Jeevalatha Dr. Baswaraj Raigond, Dr. Ravinder Kumar, Dr. SK Chakrabarti and Dr. BP Singh
2013 to 2017 Decision Support Tools forPotato Research and Development Dr. Bir Pal Singh Dr. PM Govindakrishnan, Dr. VK Dua, Dr. Shashi Rawat, Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, Sh. Islam Ahmad, Dr. SK Chakrabarti and SS Lal
2018 to 2022 Tackling Biotic Stresses in Potato: Diagnostics, Pathophysiology and Management Strategies Dr. Ravinder Kumar Dr. Milan Kumar Lal and Dr. Rahul Kumar Tiwari

IPA-Chandra Prabha Singh Young Scientist Award
Block Year Title
2011 to 2012 Dr. Jagesh Kumar Tiwari
2013 to 2014 Dr. Shashi Rawat
2015 to 2016 Dr. A. Jeevalatha
2017 to 2018 Dr. S. Sundaresha
2019 to 2020 Dr. Ravinder Kumar
2021 to 2022 Dr. Pinky Raigond

IPA Best Paper Award

(For the papers published in Potato Journal)
Vol.No. Year Paper Title Authors Ref. No.
31 2004 Induction of androgenesis and regeneration of androgenic plants from tetraploid Indian potato (Solanum tuberosum L. subsp. tuberosum) cultivars. Drs. A Chanemougasoundhararn, Sushruti Sharma, Debabrata Sarkar, Suman K Pandey, SM Paul Khurana, KC Thakur and P Manivel Potato J. 31 (1 - 2) 59-65, 2004
32 2005 Genetic divergence in tetraploid potatoes (Solanum tuberosum subsp. tuberosum) as revealed by rapd vis-à-vis morphological markers Drs. Sheetal Kujal, SK Chakrabarti, SK Pandey and SM Paul Khurana Potato J. 32 (1 - 2): 17-27, 2005
33 2006 Kufri Surya: a new heat- tolerant potato variety suitable for early planting and processing in North- western plains, Peninsular India and processing into French fries and chips. Drs. JS Minhas, Devendra Kumar, TA Joseph, BT Raj, SM Paul Khurana, SK Pandey, SV Singh, BP Singh and PS Naik Potato J. 33 (1 - 2): 35-43, 2006
34 2007 Increasing potato productivity and profitability through integrated plant nutrient system in the north- western Himalayas. Drs. DK Parmar, Akhilesh Sharma, Sanjay Chaddha, Vinod Sharma, Ankur Vermani, Arun Mishra, Girish Gautam and Virender Kumar Potato J. 34 (3 - 4): 209-215, 2007
35 2008 Efficiency of diversified rice- wheat cropping systems including potato, vegetable peas and groundnut crops in trans-Gangetic plains. Drs. JP Singh, A. Salaria, K. Singh and B. Gangwar Potato J. 35 (1 - 2): 53-60, 2008
36 2009 Relationship between glucose accumulation and activities of acid invertase and its inhibitors in potatoes under simulated commercial conditions. Drs. Changai Xu, Warren K. Coleman, Fan-Rui Meng, Merideth Bonierbale and Xiu-Qing Li Potato J. 36 (1 - 2): 35-44, 2009
37 2010 Kufri Frysona: First high yielding potato variety for French fries in India. Drs. SV Singh, SK Pandey, Dinesh Kumar, RS Marwaha, P Manivel, Parveen Kumar, BP Singh and Vinay Bhardwaj Potato J. 37 (3 - 4): 103-109, 2010
38 2011 Development and testing of a wide row ridger, inter row cultivator and digger for nucleus seed potato production. Drs. Sukhwinder Singh, Parveen Kumar, Manjit Singh, Dhruv Kumar, BP Singh and SK Pandey Potato J (2011) 38 (2): 155-161
39 2012 Marker-assisted selection for virus resistance in potato: options and challenges. Drs. Jagesh K Tiwari, Jai Gopal and BP Singh Potato J (2012) 39 (2): 101-117
40 2013 Potato mini-tuber production during main and off crop seasons in high hills of North-Western Himalaya. Drs. Ashwani K Sharma, EP Venkatasalam and Vinod Kumar Potato J (2013) 40 (1): 29-37
41 2014 Genotype x environment interaction analysis for tuber yield of potato using a GGE biplot method in Amhara region, Ethiopia. Dr. M Gedif and D Yigzaw Potato J (2014) 41 (1): 41-51
42 2015 Impact of climate change on potato productivity in Uttar Pradesh and adaptation strategies. Drs. VK Dua, BP Singh, Sushil Kumar and SS Lal Potato J (2015) 42 (2): 95-110
43 2016 In-vitro detached leaf assay of host-mediated RNAi lines carrying phytophthora infestans avr3a effector gene for late blight resistance. Drs. Suman Sanju, Aditi Thakur, Sundaresha Siddappa, Sanjeev Sharma, Pradeep Kumar Shukla, Nidhi Srivastava, Debasis Patanayak and BP Singh Potato J (2016) 43 (1): 30-37
44 2017 Mapping of aphid species associated with potato in India using morphological and molecular taxonomic approaches. Drs. Anuj Bhatnagar, Shridhar Jandrajupalli, Vallepu Venkateswarlu, Kamlesh Malik, Mohamad Abas Shah and BP Singh Potato J (2017) 44 (2): 117-125
45 2018 Breeding for coloured flesh potatoes: Molecular, agronomical and nutritional profiling. Drs. SK Luthra, JK Tiwari, Dalamu, Bandana Kaundal, Pinky Riagond, Jagdev Sharma, Brajesh Singh, VK Dua, Vinod Kumar and VK Gupta. Potato J (2018) 45 (2): 81-92
46 2019 Efficiency and reliability of marker assisted selection for resistance to major biotic stresses in potato. Drs. Vinay Bhardwaj, Salej Sood, Ashwani Kumar, G. Vanishree, Sanjeev Sharma, S. Sundaresha, Baswaraj Raigond, Ravinder Kumar, Aarti Bairwa, Mehi Lal, and SK Chakrabarti. Potato J (2019) 46 (1): 56-66

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